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About Us

Fintelekt is a specialist in research, consulting and education in banking, financial services and insurance, across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh and other countries in South East Asia. We take pride in systematically investing our time and effort in producing industry research, fostering dialogue and creating opportunities for knowledge sharing between senior executives from banking, financial services and insurance.

Shirish Pathak   
Managing Director 

 +91 90110 11122

Arpita Bedekar      
Research Director

 +91 20 65109075

Oliver Dickson   
Vice President

 +91 98231 88864

Prasanna Yadav   
Sales Manager

 +91 20 65109073

Karishma Dattani  
Research Associate

 +91 20 65109072

Shweta Kumari  
Research Assistant

 +91 20 65109070