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Fintelekt AML/CFT Webinar Series 2019

Fintelekt Advisory Services, in association with the Asian Bankers Association (ABA), presents a series of four AML/CFT webinars in 2019, targeted at knowledge building and addressing key AML/CFT challenges within Asia. The webinars will feature practitioners as well as subject matter experts and provide a convenient virtual learning opportunity for AML compliance officers from the banking industry in Asia.

Duration of each webinar:
60 minutes

Webinar participants who successfully complete an online assessment within fifteen days of the webinar date will be emailed a Fintelekt Certificate of Participation.

Who Should Attend:
AML Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime, Trade Finance, Remittances, Payment Systems, Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Digital Banking, Technology, Cyber Security, Audit, Legal, Strategy, and Corporate Governance Officers from Banks in Asia

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Webinar 1

The Role of AML Compliance in Correspondent Banking

February 21, 2019

Key Issues:

  • FATF recommendations for monitoring and risk management of correspondent banking relationships
  • Inherent AML risks in correspondent banking
  • KYC/CDD/EDD requirements for correspondent banking customers
  • Emerging complexities due to the new Wolfsberg Due Diligence Questionnaire


- Shirish Pathak, Managing Director, Fintelekt Advisory Services
- Charan Rawat, Head of Compliance & Financial Crime, Rabobank, India

Webinar 2

Why Continuous Monitoring is Critical for Trade-Based Money Laundering

May 8, 2019

11.00 am to 12.00 noon (Indian Standard Time)

Key Issues:

  • The complex eco-system involved in trade and the difficulties in detecting TBML for a banker
  • Best practices in configuring AML systems to monitor trade transactions
  • The importance of training and capacity building among employees
  • TBML case studies and examples of recent trends and typologies


To be announced shortly

Webinar 3

Customer Due Diligence Challenges and Best Practices

July 10, 2019

Key issues:

  • KYC/ due diligence challenges in the era of digital banking and real-time payments
  • Balancing compliance with business and customer expectations
  • The role of data governance in AML
  • Improving efficiency in due diligence

Webinar 4

New Payment Systems and Inherent AML Risks

December 4, 2019

Key Issues:

  • Changing face of payment systems – understanding the latest developments
  • Evolving challenges for the banking sector
  • Regulatory ambiguities and the need for a better framework
  • Mitigating the AML risks from new payment systems