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About Us

About Us

Fintelekt Advisory Services is a specialist in research, training and advisory on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT).

We take pride in systematically investing our time and effort in building the skill level of professionals working in the banking and financial services sectors by assimilating and dispensing industry-reviewed best practices and knowledge.

Our Team

Shirish Pathak

Managing Director

Arpita Bedekar

Director - Strategy & Planning

Karishma Dattani

Project Manager

Vivek Banerjee

Key Account Sales Manager

Avaneesh Raman

Consultant - Fiji & Pacific, Fintelekt Academy

Atty. Rainer P. Dela Fuente

Business Partner - The Philippines, Fintelekt Academy

Client Testimonials

  • Fintelekt Academy has been a remarkable success allowing collaboration and sharing to flourish across many borders. The team has worked hard to raise the bar in compliance education and have in turn created a supportive community that educates and empowers its followers and friends near and far.

    Claire Wilson
    Partner, Holland & Marie
  • Fintelekt has been instrumental in leading the charge in knowledge enrichment and upskilling in the compliance, AML, and risk specialism field. The rich compendium of keynote speakers, topics, courses, and events have led to Fintelekt Academy being the premium source provider for training and development in the World. Other training providers might give post-nominal accolades, however Fintelekt gives the learner a chance to gain actionable and practical knowledge from industry experts, backed up with contemporary changes in application and legislative protocols. I thoroughly recommend Fintelekt to learners, practitioners, and leaders.

    Mark Nuttall
  • Fintelekt has brought a flagship in providing global standard quality training facilities especially in this region for AML, ABC, Sanctions Compliance etc. The major traits of Fintelekt are arrangements of contemporary, need based subject matters and resources from different sectors and jurisdictions for bringing the best industry practices. Earlier, we have seen this kind of arrangement in Western countries; Fintelekt is the first compliance training provider, who introduced this approach in this region.

    Md. Habibur Rahman
    Sr Vice President & Head of FIs, Islami Bangladesh Bank
  • Shirish and his team at Fintelekt Academy took the AML-training experience to a completely new level. Being a Fintelekt Academy subscriber, it is really easy to follow new trends and developments regarding AML/CFT and sanctions. A must-have for every compliance-interested person and an appropriate platform to enhance compliance all over the world!

    Dr Elena Scherschneva
    Former Head, Austria Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Fintelekt is extremely beneficial to the global AML compliance community. Through its capacity building initiatives, a worldwide network of AML experts and practitioners have been brought together. East and West have joined forces to share best practices and leverage mutual experiences to aid in a comprehensive and standardized fight against financial crime in all forms. Fintelekt is doing excellent work and is to be commended for its investment in compliance training. Its work while focused on Asia extends beyond the region and is making a substantial impact!

    Tanya McCartney
    CEO & Executive Director, Bahamas Financial Services Board

Our Services

Fintelekt Academy

A platform designed to provide high quality, practical, informative and actionable AML/CFT content.

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Organisational Training

Impactful and high quality customised training aligned to the specific role and requirements of key personnel.

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Fintelekt’s Webinar Series is targeted at knowledge building and addressing key AML/CFT challenges within Asia.

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Widely acknowledged as ‘must-attend’ forums for industry insights, topical knowledge, networking and ongoing professional development.

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Research-based advisory services in the AML/CFT space for banking, financial services and insurance companies.

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