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AML/CFT Organisational Training

Training Modules

Aimed to help front-line and customer facing staff of financial institutions to gain the required knowledge about the subject from an educational, regulatory and ethical perspective.

Designed to equip the Board & senior executive management members with strategic insights on current and potential AML/CFT risks and vulnerabilities, with the objective to safeguard the AML policy and minimize risks to the organisation.

Focused on providing customer-focused business teams with the required understanding of AML/CFT and the tools at their disposal to detect and prevent ML/TF activity that potentially poses a risk to your organisation.

Covers the practical challenges and complexities while dealing with TBML and key parameters to be considered while handling trade transactions and trade finance customers.

Designed to aid the understanding of the complex environment of sanctions and the practical aspects of checks and controls necessary for complying with sanctions such as the UN, US, UK, EU and other sanctions regimes.

Designed to assist key employees in understanding the money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) risks and typologies related to FinTechs, new payment systems, virtual assets, and virtual asset service providers.


In the dynamic and fast-paced AML/CFT compliance environment, the value of continuous and relevant training and professional development for employees at all levels of the organisation cannot be emphasized enough. Training and advanced knowledge leads to a motivated workforce with an increase in productivity, reduces the risks to your organisation, and brings in a culture of compliance and integrity which can finally lead to a strategic differentiation for your organisation.

Fintelekt is a trusted provider of AML/CFT training for over a decade. We have a proven track record of delivering training to the address the AML/CFT training requirements at any level in the organisation for any financial services institution.

Our high-quality training modules are built by industry experts, peer-reviewed and designed beyond theory, providing employees with valuable real-world cases and insights.

Courses can be delivered both face-to-face and virtually and are priced to fit organisational budgets for training large numbers of employees.

All courses are followed by an assessment and a certification useful for internal audit and regulatory compliance purposes.


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Client Testimonials

  • Fintelekt gives the learner a chance to gain actionable and practical knowledge from industry experts, backed up with contemporary changes in application and legislative protocols. I thoroughly recommend Fintelekt to learners, practitioners, and leaders.

    AML, Geopolitics, and Counter-Crime Specialist
  • Fintelekt has brought a flagship in providing global standard quality training facilities especially in this region for AML, ABC, Sanctions Compliance etc. The major traits of Fintelekt are arrangements of contemporary, need based subject matters and resources from different sectors and jurisdictions for bringing the best industry practices. Earlier, we have seen this kind of arrangement in Western countries; Fintelekt is the first compliance training provider, who introduced this approach in this region.

    SENIOR Vice President & Head of Fis - Islami Bank Bangladesh
  • Fintelekt is extremely beneficial to the global AML compliance community. Through its capacity building initiatives, a worldwide network of AML experts and practitioners have been brought together. East and West have joined forces to share best practises and leverage mutual experiences to aid in a comprehensive and standardised fight against financial crime in all forms. Fintelekt is doing excellent work and is to be commended for its investment in compliance training. Its work while focused on Asia extends beyond the region and is making a substantial impact!

    CEO & Executive Director - Bahamas Financial Services Board
  • I have never seen such a team in the non-governmental / private sector dedicated to the AML/CFT regime. Fintelekt initiatives and training on the AML/CFT compliance have been instrumental to reporting entities, and guidelines to the regulatory and government authorities for developing a sound AML/CFT system, increase compliance and produce outcomes through effective implementation. Fintelekt has been a house of solutions to the AML/CFT issues in a number of countries and is expanding rapidly and globally. This is what, the trust, it has gained, which itself strongly stands for its testimonials of strategic training, service, credibility and success. It is almost unlikely to find any other AML/CFT service provider that started with drip and developed as a stream in a short period of time. Its service is strategic to lead in the AML/CFT regime.

    Deputy Director - Nepal Rastra Bank
  • Fintelekt plays an important role in AML/CFT knowledge sharing through research, training and seminars which are beneficial to the compliance community to enhance the level of its understanding and compliance with the AML/CFT regime.

    Director- International Cooperation Division - Financial Intelligence Unit of Thailand
  • Fintelekt provides AML/CFT training for the betterment to those individuals who are directly or indirectly involved in AML/CFT field. I also got the opportunity four times to participate in different courses related to AML/CFT physical training and more than 10 in virtual training. The trainings were found very fruitful for me, which helped to enhance my AML/CFT compliance understanding and I shared my knowledge to my seniors and juniors within the organization as well as in the banking industry of Nepal. Definitely, such types of training will be an eye opener and save staff, organization, country as well as world from illegal activities.

    Chief of AML/CFT and Internal Audit and Company Secretary - NMB Bank


A Fast-Growing Co-operative Bank

Fintelekt delivered a one-day face-to-face interactive training programme on business compliance for a co-operative bank based in Mumbai with the objective of updating and sensitizing branch managers on key AML/CFT developments. The programme was attended by all branch managers, was highly interactive, and successfully instilled awareness and consideration for AML compliance amongst the key business personnel in the bank.

Capital Markets Company

A subsidiary of a large Indian bank wanted to train its department heads and CxO level personnel on AML/CFT, ethics, governance and fraud awareness from an investment banking perspective. Fintelekt delivered a tailored programme that allowed the senior management to expand their knowledge and awareness especially in areas such as customer due diligence and conflict management and make them better equipped to put in place a robust compliance and reporting programme for the organisation. The programme was delivered via Zoom due to Covid-19 related restrictions but was highly interactive even in the virtual mode.

AML Compliance Training at India’s Largest Bank

India’s largest bank, a public-sector government-owned entity, tapped into Fintelekt’s expertise to upskill and update their entire AML compliance staff on the recent ML/TF trends, typologies, and key regulatory developments. Fintelekt’s empaneled trainers delivered an in-depth and state-of-the-art programme at the bank’s location in multiple batches to ensure maximum interaction and an opportunity for participants to ask questions and get clarifications.

Trade-based Money Laundering Training at a Large Private Sector Bank in Nepal

A large private sector bank in Nepal with a fast-growing trade finance business wanted to provide training on Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML) and identifying suspicious transactions to a large group of employees including officers from the bank’s credit department, branch managers and relationship managers. This training was important not only for demonstrating regulatory compliance, but also from its internal AML risk management point of view. The 6-hour training was delivered virtually due to Covid-19 related restrictions and conducted outside the bank’s working hours, such that the bank’s operations were not affected.

AML Training for a Specialised Indian Bank

A large, government owned bank in India set up for financing, facilitating, and promoting foreign trade wanted to provide KYC, AML/CFT and sanctions awareness training to a large group of employees. Given the bank’s specialised nature of business, Fintelekt assumed a fully customised approach to the training, incorporating topics and case studies relevant to the bank’s areas of operation to ensure that employees could gain maximum practical insights and functional learning. The 2-hour training was delivered virtually during the pandemic. It set aside an additional one hour for question-answers and interaction with the facilitator, which was utilized actively by the participants.

Strategic Training for Board of Directors & Senior Management at a Private Sector Bank in India

One of India’s fastest growing private sector banks approached Fintelekt for providing strategic insights and AML awareness to its Board of Directors and senior executive management and leadership team. Fintelekt delivered two separate programmes aimed at providing the Board and senior management with the latest AML/CFT trends and insights, an understanding of their responsibilities, and some tools and strategies on managing AML controls and creating a culture of compliance within the organisation.

Training for the Senior Management at Bhutan’s Largest and Oldest Commercial Bank

Bhutan’s largest and oldest commercial bank has been a long-standing customer of Fintelekt. In the previous year Fintelekt had trained the entire staff of the bank on AML/CFT general awareness through an e-learning programme. Now the bank felt the need to provide more extensive training to staff in senior and specialised roles. There were challenges in delivering this training live virtually as all employees would be unable to attend at the same time. Fintelekt designed a video-based on-demand training that was delivered through its Fintelekt Academy platform. Employees were allowed a month to complete the training at their pace. The bank had excellent feedback for the training content as well as unique delivery method.

AML Awareness Training to the Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police

Fintelekt delivered a session to about a hundred officers from the Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police on the tools available at their disposal while following the money trail in investigating economic offences. Fintelekt trained provided the audience with an overview of the latest money laundering and terrorist financing trends and typologies, as well as shared the KYC and customer due diligence requirements followed by the private sector, which the investigative teams can tap into.