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AML/CFT Program Implementation and Project Management

Professional Training Programs

December 13, 2023

9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Aloft Kathmandu, Thamel


Opening Remarks

Vipul Tamhane
Trainer, Fintelekt

Vipul has over 15 years of industry experience in advising and training organization leaders and staff on internal controls and management against Financial crime, Enterprise Fraud, and Money Laundering. He has assisted clients such as Banks, Credit Societies, Payment Facilitators, Law Firms, TPPPs, etc. to respond to FIU notices, Regulatory Show causes, Compliance notices, etc. in conformity with the local regulatory bodies.

Academically, majoring in International Business and International Commercial Law, he brings legal and commercial line of thinking to his analysis and advisory. He has worked on Anti-Money Laundering and related subject matter focusing on areas of Regulatory Compliance and related guidelines from RBI, SEBI, IRDA SEC, FINRA, FINCEN, CBUAE, FCA, OFAC, FINMA, and MSA. He also has a strong understanding of Financial Fraud and works with a team of Financial Forensics and Internal controls for Fraud prevention, Policies and Processes reviews, Vendor screening, Investigations and Crisis management.


The goal of the workshop is to provide attendees with the knowledge and understanding useful for designing an ideal AML/CFT compliance programme, tailored to their institution’s specific risk profile and incorporating the basic principles of Project Management, as suggested by PMI (PMBOK). The attendees can apply their knowledge to practical exercises and case studies and learn about best practices during the workshop.

Who Should Participate?

The workshop is relevant for Senior managers and heads of departments of AML Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime compliance, Operations, Audit, Legal, Strategy, Governance teams from banks and financial institutions.

Accreditation and Recognition

Fintelekt’s training programmes and content are reviewed and supported by the regulators in multiple countries. Our programmes are known for their quality and relevance to AML/CFT compliance, especially. Employees from a large number of organisations including banks, non-banking finance companies, insurance companies, mutual funds, money services businesses, and remittance houses have undergone Fintelekt’s AML/CFT professional training over the years.

Workshop Coverage

Session 1: Developing an AML/CFT compliance program

Session 2: Basics of project management principles (as suggested by PMI (PMBOK))

Session 3: Implementation project management

Session 4: Binding periodic activities to a recurring project plan like internal (CDD) and (EDD) updates, customer onboarding, verifications and process monitoring and change identification

Session 5: Customer due diligence procedures and reporting: templates, fail safe overview, fall back overview, maker-checker mechanism, recognizing scenarios requiring enhanced due diligence

Session 6: Technology and system integration with prints and project overview

Session 7: Program / Systems / Teams Testing and Validation: fine-tuning systems and SoPs

Session 8: Communication management, regular reports for senior management and regulators, ensuring transparency and accountability in reporting

Session 9: Continuous monitoring and improvement of the program for effectiveness

Session 10: Transaction monitoring and reporting cycle

Session 11:  Change management and adapting the program to emerging risks and regulatory changes, risk mitigation process

Session 12:Training and awareness


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