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Fintelekt AML/CFT 11th Annual Summit (India) 2022

May 10, 2022

Tuesday, 10th May 2022
9.30 am to 5.00 pm Indian Standard Time
Courtyard Marriott, Mumbai International Airport, India

Fintelekt hosted its AML/CFT 11th Annual Summit (India) 2022 on May 10, 2022 after a pandemic-induced hiatus of two years. The Summit provided an opportunity for in-person interaction around AML/CFT in line with our mission of ‘uniting stakeholders towards a stronger AML/CFT regime’.

It is arguably a testing time in India’s AML history, with the looming FATF mutual evaluation after more than a decade. The agenda for the day provided ample scope for strategic dialogue and discussion towards appraising the performance of AML/CFT controls, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring a longer-term focus on strengthening the AML regime in the country.


9:30 am

Keynote Address (Virtual)

Pankaj Kumar Mishra IRS, Director, Financial Intelligence Unit – India (FIU-IND)

10:30 am

Panel Discussion: The Role of the Private Sector in India’s Upcoming FATF Mutual Evaluation

The financial services sector is an important stakeholder in the mutual evaluation process. The panel will discuss expectations from the private sector and focus on measures that can be taken to strengthen the existing processes in line with FATF 40 recommendations.

Pramod Khandelwal, Trainer & Consultant, Fintelekt

Jagat Kant Choudhary, Deputy General Manager AML/CFT, State Bank of India
Kevin Gomez, Principal Officer & Head AML Compliance, Axis Bank
Prabhat Gupta, Managing Director – Head – Legal & Compliance and Company Secretary, DBS Bank India

11:30 am

Tea/Coffee Break

11:45 am

Rising Compliance Costs in India– Where we are now | How detrimental it could get | What we need to do

Suresh Vytla,

Sales Director, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

12.15 pm

Panel Discussion: Improving STR Quality and Addressing Regulatory Concerns

Regulators have stressed time and again on ‘live suspicious transaction reports (STRs)’ and highlighted the importance of accurate, complete, and timely STRs to increase their value to law enforcement agencies. The panel will focus on strategies to improve the effectiveness of STRs, especially addressing concerns raised and recommendations provided by the FIU-IND.

Charan Rawat, Head of Compliance, Rabobank

Amita Ajgaonkar, Senior Vice President, RBL Bank
Jairam Manglani, Country Head, FCC & Principal Officer, Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank
Samir Bhatankar, Interim Principal Officer & Lead-AML & KYC Compliance, IDFC First Bank
Sarita Nair, Senior Vice President and Head – Anti Money Laundering, HDFC Bank
Sharad Nair, Trainer & Consultant, Fintelekt

1:15 pm

Lunch Break

2:00 pm

Going Beyond Sanctions – De-mystifying Complex Ownership Structures while Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Sambit Mohanty,Director – KYC Sales, South Asia, Moody’s Analytics

2:30 pm

Panel Discussion: Ongoing Due Diligence: Proactive Steps to Really Know Your Customer

Most financial institutions would be technically compliant with the KYC and customer due diligence regulations. But ongoing due diligence may need going beyond the letter of the law to create an ongoing profile and really ‘know the customer’. Experts and practitioners will discuss good practices and innovative approaches to customer due diligence.

Ravi Lahoti, Chief Audit Executive, Bandhan Bank

Amit Retharekar, Principal Officer, The Karad Urban Co-op Bank Limited
Arti Shekhar, Chief Compliance Officer, Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited
Devendra Raghav, Head of Compliance and Internal Control, Qatar National Bank
Nitin Kataria, Head, Anti Financial Crime, South Asia, Deutsche Bank AG
Praveen Mohan Dayal, Senior Vice-President, HSBC Bank

3:30 pm

Tea/Coffee Break

3:45 pm

Panel Discussion: AML Risks in Digital Payments

Developments in the payments landscape are leading to increased collaboration amongst banks and financial institutions, fintechs and new payment players. However, this is inevitably leading to a complicated AML compliance environment. The panel will deliberate on the risks and challenges arising from digitalisation of payments and discuss mitigation approaches.

Theresa Karunakaran, Former Director Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Bank and Partner, Compliance Matters

Abhishek R Sharma, Director – AML & Financial Services, Ethics & Compliance, Flipkart
Arun Shankar Chandrasekaran, Senior Director – Risk & Compliance, Cashfree Payments
Debmalya Maitra, Senior Director BFSI, Chokshi Group
Ritu Verma, Head Compliance, Newtap Technologies Pvt Ltd
Srinivas Yanamandra, Group Head – Regulatory Affairs & Policy, One 97 Communications Ltd

4:45 pm

Closing Remarks


 Pankaj Kumar Mishra IRS
Pankaj Kumar Mishra IRS Director Financial Intelligence Unit – India (FIU-IND)
Pramod Khandelwal
Pramod Khandelwal Trainer & Consultant
Jagat Kant Choudhary
Jagat Kant Choudhary Deputy General Manager AML/CFT
State Bank of India
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez Principal Officer & Head AML Compliance
Axis Bank
Prabhat Gupta
Prabhat Gupta Managing Director – Head – Legal & Compliance and Company Secretary
DBS Bank India
Suresh Vytla
Suresh Vytla Sales Director
LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Charan Rawat
Charan Rawat Head of Compliance
Amita Ajgaonkar
Amita Ajgaonkar Senior Vice President
RBL Bank
Jairam Manglani
Jairam Manglani Country Head, FCC & Principal Officer, Financial Crime Compliance
Standard Chartered Bank
Samir Bhatankar
Samir Bhatankar Interim Principal Officer & Lead-AML & KYC Compliance
IDFC First Bank
Sarita Nair
Sarita Nair Senior Vice President and Head – Anti Money Laundering
Sharad Nair
Sharad Nair Trainer & Consultant
Sambit Mohanty
Sambit Mohanty Director – KYC Sales, South Asia
Moody’s Analytics
Ravi Lahoti
Ravi Lahoti Chief Audit Executive
Bandhan Bank
Amit Retharekar
Amit Retharekar Principal Officer
The Karad Urban Co-op Bank Limited
Arti Shekhar
Arti Shekhar Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Kotak Mahindra Prime
Devendra Raghav
Devendra Raghav Head of Compliance and Internal Control
Qatar National Bank
Nitin Kataria
Nitin Kataria Head, Anti Financial Crime, South Asia
Deutsche Bank AG
Praveen Mohan Dayal
Praveen Mohan Dayal Senior Vice-President
Theresa Karunakaran
Theresa Karunakaran Former Director Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Bank and Partner, Compliance Matters
Abhishek R Sharma
Abhishek R Sharma Director – AML & Financial Services, Ethics & Compliance
Arun Shankar Chandrasekaran
Arun Shankar Chandrasekaran Senior Director – Risk & Compliance
Cashfree Payments
Debmalya Maitra
Debmalya Maitra Senior Director BFSI
Chokshi Group
Ritu Verma
Ritu Verma Head Compliance
Newtap Technologies Pvt Ltd
Srinivas Yanamandra
Srinivas Yanamandra Group Head – Regulatory Affairs & Policy
One 97 Communications Ltd


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