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AML Advanced Training

Fintelekt Certified AML Professional (FCAP) is a four-day intensive residential masterclass designed as a comprehensive refresher for senior AML practitioners from Asia to stay updated with latest tools, techniques and developments in the area of anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing.

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AML/CFT Awareness Training

An easy to understand e-learning module for general awareness to make employees across levels cognizant of the risks faced due to money laundering and terrorist financing. The content includes case studies and assessment.

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A strong focus in the AML domain combined with robust industry relationships, makes Fintelekt well-placed to deliver high impact consulting projects successfully.

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Fintelekt conferences, which bring together AML compliance professionals, technology providers, consulting firms and academia, are run annually in the markets that we serve and have been widely acknowledged as 'must-attend' forums for industry insights, topical knowledge, networking and ongoing professional development.

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Fintelekt publishes periodic research reports, surveys and points of view on topics related to AML compliance. Our research is topic/country-specific and offers unique insights to both end-users and suppliers.

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AML Compliance in India - What 2018 May Hold in Store

Banks and financial institutions in India have been battling both increasingly stringent global requirements as well as an evolving compliance environment domestically, especially following demonetisation. In 2018, more regulatory clarity is expected to emerge on Aadhar and some of the new-age payments areas, but institutions may continue to struggle to keep up with regulatory changes in the coming year. This note contains some expected themes for 2018. Download now

AML Compliance in Vietnam - Survey Report 2017

AML compliance officers from Vietnam participated in a short survey to assess elements of the AML regime in the country. The objectives were to identify major threats and challenges, and highlight the strengths and improvement areas for AML compliance in the country. Download report

AML Process Maturity in the Bangladesh Banking Industry 2017

Fintelekt ran a survey on the sidelines of its annual AML Summit in Dhaka recently, to understand and benchmark AML process maturity in the Bangladesh banking industry. The survey covered, in detail, compliance officers' opinion on processes related to risk identification and assessment, technology and monitoring, resources and training, and other current issues, including feedback on expectations from the Bangladesh FIU. Download report

AML Process Maturity in the Nepal Banking Industry 2017

A detailed AML/CFT survey was conducted for compliance officers at Nepalese banks to assess the regulatory environment and benchmark AML processes. This survey for Nepal covers the processes related to risk identification and assessment, monitoring and record keeping, politically exposed persons, FATCA, technology and systems, resources, training and other parameters. Opinions of compliance officers on issues such as current challenges, organisational priorities, senior managerial involvement, FIU and regulatory programmes were also included. Download report

As a long term, credible and well-respected industry advocate on the subject of AML/CFT across the South Asia region, Fintelekt is in a unique position to secure some of the best experts to speak at its forums and capture their thoughts.

Md. Razee Hassan, FIU Bangladesh

Hari Nepal, FIU Nepal

Manique Bandara, NDB Bank

Sean Norris, Accuity