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Trade Based Money Laundering Compliance

Trade-Based Money Laundering Compliance is an intensive 2-day non-residential face-to-face training programme & certification on typologies, techniques and skills to identify trade-based money laundering transactions.

Program Coverage
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  • TBML Risk
  • International Trade and Trade Finance
  • Typologies of TBML
  • Other Facilitating Factors
  • CDD for Trade Business
  • Managing Risks
  • Transaction Due Diligence and Transaction Monitoring
  • Organisation and Systems
  • International Laws and Guidance
  • Case Studies and Group Discussions

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Trade Based Money Laundering

Date: March 4-5, 2020
Kathmandu, Nepal

Fintelekt Advisory Services organized a two-day comprehensive training programme on TBML Compliance covering fundamentals of trade and trade finance, international norms governing TBML monitoring, prevalent and emerging TBML typologies, trade transaction due diligence and monitoring and ways to mitigate risks associated with TBML.

The participants of the training were made aware of the practical challenges and complexities while dealing with TBML and key parameters to be considered while handling trade transactions and trade finance customers. Faculty members shared ways to detect transaction patterns, put screening and scrutiny methods in place and emphasized on the importance of thorough customer due diligence. Participants were made aware of the role they can play in curbing TBML and to be vigilant about each and every transaction.


Pramod Khandelwal
Faculty Member,
Fintelekt Advisory Services.


Charan Rawat
Head of Compliance,


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Trade-Based Money Laundering – Emerging Risks & Mitigation Strategies

February 5, 2020
11.00 am to 12.00 noon Indian standard time

Key issues:

  • Trends in trade mis-invoicing and TBML
  • Emerging areas of risk within TBML
  • Challenges in detecting TBML activities
  • Changes in regulatory expectations
  • Mitigation strategies by banks.

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The State of Trade-Based Money Laundering Controls in the Indian Banking Industry

Strong macro-economic fundamentals and global demand is resulting in increasing trade volumes, inherently leading to growing vulnerability of the Indian financial system to being abused for Trade-Based Money Laundering. This Fintelekt Quick Insights Report on the State of Trade-Based Money Laundering Controls in the Indian Banking Industry seeks to understand the progress in implementation of TBML controls among banks, highlight the challenges and discuss the way forward for the industry.